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Useful Hints
from my own experience.

NOTICE: I cannot take any responsibility when you try to work following to my instructions.

Fir-tree made from palm leaves

A fir can be assembled in following steps:
1. Root 2. Stem 3. small leaves 4. big leaves


12V Electric Light Bricks
It is possible to repair most of the white or black Lego® 12V electric light bricks. Open the brick VERY CAREFULLY with a small size screwdriver and remove the insert together with the lamp. Then carefullly remove the .... and finally the lamp. Spare lamps are available in Europe from CONRAD @ approximately 0,51 € each (Order-No.: 727091-62), also available from RS-Components Order-No. 587-670. The lamps are available at different voltages, e.g. at ~ 4,5V or at 9V.
This picture shows two disassembled light bricks, a 12V one (white) and a 4.5V one (yellow). The very old red 4.5V light brick in the middle cannot be repaired. Also shown is a new replacement bulb (center).
When inserting the lamp, put it as deep as possible into its location and bend the wires to fit into the gaps.  The lamp may come out again, so be careful, and do not cut the wires until the lamp sits perfectly well.

Mechanical Signals
To fix the signal arm to the post, use this  Lego® brick and cut off the 1x1x1/3 plate.

This is also useful to fix something turned by 180° to a Lego® constuction.

Steam-Engine Headlight
For my steam engine I used two yellow 4.5V Lego® lamp bricks, connected in series as shown on picture below

One lamps sits on top and the other behind the Lego 5071 Light Transmitting Element (S@H)

Soldering on Lego® electric bricks
When soldering to tracks and electric bricks  (1/3 high), I prepare them as follows :
- Cut all wires to exact length.
- Remove isolation from wires, but not too much.
- Solder the tips of the wires.
- Take some thoughts about further use of the brick: where to connect to, what to place on top, etc...
- Soldering grease may be helpful to minimize soldering time, but may cause corrosion.
- Soldering time should be very short to prevent melting the plastic material.
- Use electric soldering iron ONLY (max.: 16W)

Church Bell
A really nice church bell is the silver bucket from Lego box Bellville 5870 playground. Although it has no clapper, it looks really realistic.


Dust remover
For removing the dust from your Lego® constructions stored for a little while on your cupboard, brushes for computer equipment are a good choice.

12V Platform Lighting for  9V

How to use the 7867 Lego® Platform Lighting set  on 9 V - see the details on the pictures:

How to connect a lamp.

Connect cables to lamps as shown above.

At the bottom the cable is soldered to a 9V 2x4x1/3 plate and connected to Lego® 9V cables.

Tree - Kit

This is all you need for a small tree, parts are availbale from LEGO®-boxes (individually), through Bricklink, or other sources.
Just put the leaves onto the bar as you like. Be careful: the leaves may brake off when you use too much power!

....will be continued.